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We are a Family- owned Business (Husband and wife)  “Mana4u” manufactures and distributes Tequeños, Pastelitos and Cachitos. 


Maná means "Food sent from heaven” with the mission to Transmit Faith, Hope, happiness, Love and Service through food. Offering a high quality, made with fresh ingredient and ready to make products, while sharing a word of encouragement and hope to humanity.


In this current world, most people don’t have time, even for cooking that is why when it comes to satisfying one of the most basic needs such as food, We choose to prepare foods that are practical, with high quality and freshness, and that can be prepared in minutes,that’s when we decided to manufacture a frozen and precooked product that offers multiple advantages for the consumer and at the same time offers practicality.


-Through freezing we guarantee the preservation of the food for much longer at its peak freshness, without losing nutrients, textures, and flavor


-through the freezing process we make sure that the number of disease that causes pathogens and viruses are not going to be present in our products.


-We offer a high quality product, which can be made in short time and with fresh ingredients.

For this we developed a special formula, without additives, in order to obtain an artisan product that is practical, delicious and that is ready to eat in 6 to 10 minutes.


We just offer "The Perfect Snack for Anytime"


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